Friday, May 12, 2006

In House #1619: Kelly Joe Phelps, Free Peoples In the Area This Weekend

One of the first things that strikes you when listening to the first three recordings from Washington-based singer-songwriter Kelly Joe Phelps is how old and full they sound, as if they were recorded on a mid-20th century Mississippi front porch by two, maybe three guitarists. It's just Phelps, though-- one guy, one guitar, no overdubs, straight to mic. What you see is what you get, ensuring that the way he sounds on his recordings is more or less how he sounds live. He's since gone with a bit more sonic varaiance, adding full backing bands for his last two studio efforts, Sky Like a Broken Clock(2001) and Slingshot Professionals (2003). But oh, the soul that seeps from those first releases-- it's as if a convention of old blues masters poured in through the top of his head, if only to hold one last earthly porch session. Phelps plays tonight at the Eccles Conference Center in Logan, Utah, before moving on to Ego's in Salt lake City tomorrow night.

Kelly Joe Phelps

Also in the area this weekend are the San Francisco-based Free Peoples, returning to Pocatello's First National Bar for a performance tomorrow night. The band serves up an Americana fusion of bluegrass, jazz, folk, and whatever else they feel like, perhaps directing those asking that incessant question, "Just what kind of music do you make?" to the title of their latest full-length, it is what it is.

Free Peoples

In House #1619.
Airdate: 5/12/06
Focus: Kelly Joe Phelps and Free Peoples in the area this weekend, plus new music from Bruce Springsteen and selections from the new Sail Away: The Songs of Randy Newman tribute album.

Free Peoples:
"One Less Greedy Man (LIVE)" (MP3) (recorded live In House, 2/10/2006)
"One Less Greedy Man" (MP3)
"Rescue Me" (MP3)

Kelly Joe Phelps:
"Wandering Away" (MP3) (recorded live In House, 9/26/2001)
"River Rat Jimmy" (M3U)
"Roll Away the Stone" (M3U)



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