Thursday, May 11, 2006

In House #1618: Neil Young's Living With War; New Paul Simon

A few years back, "Let's Roll," the rather trite, blush-inducing centerpiece from Neil Young's Are You Passionate was criticized not only by critics for its artistic laziness, but by fans for its apparent made-for-TV-movie take on September 11th. Young seems like a fairly complex guy, and you'd have to ask him whether or not what he was attempting to accomplish with that song has been fulfilled in retrospect-- suffice it to say, he views things a bit differently these days. Living With War is the bold, new political diatribe of an album out this week from Young, making no bones whatsoever concerning his views about the Iraq war, the American presidential administration, and their actions and policies. Surrounded by a full choir, Young mostly rocks his way through songs with titles like "Lookin' For a Leader," "Let's Impeach the President," and "Shock & Awe." While political content is always sketchy at best for the shelf-life of any artistic endeavor, Young's will no doubt be remembered, if for nothing else, as an indicator of the degree of displeasure in American politics, circa 2006.

In House #1618.
Airdate: 5/11/06
Focus: New release from Neil Young, Living With War, plus new music from Paul Simon, Ron Sexsmith, Glen Phillips and more.

Neil Young: "Shock & Awe" (MP3)



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Hey, nice review. I dig Neil Young, and I dig Living With War. I just wrote a review on my blog.



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