Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In House #1611: Gomez's How We Operate; New Sam Roberts, Glen Phillips

From their name to their signature combination of organic blues and modern pop-rock elements, the British band Gomez has always been somewhat unlikely. Since coming out of nowhere in 1998 to when the Mercury Prize with their debut, Bring It On, the band has tweaked their sound almost continually, moving further and further from the bluesy vibe that orginally made them so unique. On their fifth release, How We Operate, out today on ATO, the band makes somewhat of a return to form. While the new release will never be mistaken for their early work, the slide guitar on "Chasing Ghosts With Alcohol," is pure blues, while the subject matter of "Charley Patton Songs," at least acknowledges a blues influence (though the sound is far from it). Another welcome development is the return to prominence of the vocals of Ben Ottewell, whose throaty moan had been featured in fewer and fewer songs on the last couple of releases. Gomez will be touring the U.S. late this spring, hitting Park City's Club Suede on May 17th.

Another new release out today comes from former Toad the Wet Sprocket frontman Glen Phillips. Mr. Lemons is his third solo release since Toad's demise and includes, among other things, his version of "I Want a New Drug," orginally done, of course, by the man who taught us all the power of love.

Glen Phillips

In House #1611.
Airdate: 5/02/06
Focus: New release from Gomez, How We Operate, plus new music from Sam Roberts, Glen Phillips and more.

Glen Phillips from Mr. Lemons: "Waiting" (MP3)

Gomez from How We Operate: "Chasing Ghosts With Alcohol" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #99


Blogger the29th said...

Happy 'coming-up-on-100'! Any chance of lost podcast #17 surfacing?

I'm so happy to have found inhouse. The podcasts just keep being great. I catch it live when I can - someone out here on the east coast is listening.

Be well!

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

more intrested in the
podcast for this one? que paso?
you know I am in love with Zero 7's(w/ Jose Gonzalez) 'Futures'
throw me a freakin bone!
good mp3's today -(may 3)

5:51 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

hey, the 29th, much thanks. that means a lot. ah yes, the legendary lost 17-- i'll see what i can do. enjoy the next 100 (i hope).

9:13 PM  

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