Monday, May 01, 2006

In House #1610: Pearl Jam Returns; New Neil Young, Sonic Youth

Somehow, it's been eight releases and fifteen years since the unexpected musical blast of Pearl Jam's Ten-- a debut that came out of nowhere to sell 10 million copies. In a way, the band's been trying to run away from that auspicious beginning ever since, shunning publicity and openly feuding with ticket vendors, their label, and the government, among others. Such is what it takes to maintain one's integrity in the world of big money music, it would appear. Finally out from under the thumb of Sony, Pearl Jam returns tomorrow with a self-titled new album-- an appropriate gesture considering how revitalized they sound after a four year hiatus.

Also due out soon is a new album of protest songs from Neil Young, his second new release in the past seven months. Back in a rock & roll vein for the first time in a while, Young sounds rather pissed in unsubtlely-titled compositions like "Let's Impeach the President," "Lookin' For a Leader," and "Shock & Awe." And he's Canadian. Living With War is due out May 9th.

Another long-established act with an upcoming release on the way is Sonic Youth, who drops Rather Ripped in June (no word if the title refers to the rather picked on television news anchor or not). The album is the latest in a string of mostly solid but overlooked releases over the past eight years or so from the legendary innovators.

Sonic Youth

In House #1610.
Airdate: 5/01/06
Focus: New release from Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam, plus music from upcoming releases from Neil Young and Sonic Youth, and new music from Built to Spill, the Walkmen and more.

Pearl Jam from Pearl Jam: "Unemployable" (MP3)

Neil Young from Living With War: "Shock & Awe" (MP3)

Sonic Youth from Rather Ripped: "Do You Believe In Rapture?" (MP3) (courtesy Fluxblog)


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