Thursday, May 04, 2006

In House #1613: Cracker's Greatest Hits Redux; New Walkmen

When confronted last year with the information that their undearly departed label, Virgin, was planning on releasing and album of their "Greatest Hits" without their consent, Cracker responded in a way that one might expect from some of the masterminds behind the lyrical smart-aleckary of Camper Van Beethoven. Dave Lowery and company went into the studio and recorded brand new versions of old favorites, packaged them as Greatest Hits Redux, and released it on the same day as the planned Virgin compilation. Over a decade into it, some of the new versions may actually better the originals-- particularly where tour-tested elements have been added to the mix. Familiar mainstream songs like "Low," and "Get Off This," in particular, sound much improved, appearing here as versions that may not have been radio hits after all. Also included, and not by coincidence, is the Virgin records kiss-off, "It Ain't Gonna Suck Itself," originally from the 2003 album Countrysides. Cracker's seventh studio full-length, Greenland, is due out next month.

In House #1613.
Airdate: 5/04/06
Focus: Recent "greatest hits" release from Cracker, Greatest Hits Redux, plus new music from the Walkmen, Calexico, Jon Langford and more.


In House PODCAST #101


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