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In House #1615: The Go-Betweens' Grant McLennan, 1958-2006

Grant McLennan, founding member of the Go-Betweens, passed away unexpectedly in his sleep this weekend at his home in Brisbane, Autrailia. He was 48. Along with Robert Forster, McLennan founded the Go-Betweens in 1978, releasing their debut full-length, Send Me a Lullaby, in 1981. A string of five more solid albums followed throughout the 1980's, cementing Forster & McLennan's place as one of the elite, if overlooked, songwriting duos of the decade.

The 1990's saw a well-documented break for the Go-Betweens, a sabbatical as they would later call it, and McLennan kept busy by releasing four well-received solo albums-- the best of which was 1995's Horsebreaker Star. He also joined with Steve Kilbey of The Church during the decade for a couple of releases under the moniker Jack Frost.

the Go-Betweens

The beginning of the new century, of course, brought a rebirth of the Go-Betweens-- initially spurred along by northwest-U.S. indie stalwarts like Larry Crane and Sleater-Kinney. The band released their first album in twelve years, The Friends of Rachel Worth, in 2000, followed by two more studio releases, most recently last year's Oceans Apart.

Fans and colleagues alike have flooded the band's message board with grief-filled tributes and memories since the news broke. Needless to say, McLennan and his talents will be missed by many.

In House #1615.
Airdate: 5/08/06
Focus: The Go-Betweens' Grant McLennan, 1958-2006. New music from Snow Patrol, Camera Obscura, Colin Meloy and more.

Grant McLennan, from 1995's Horsebreaker Star:
"Don't You Cry For Me No More" (MP3)

Go-Betweens, from 1983's Before Hollywood: "Cattle & Cane" (MP3) (courtesy of Locust St.)...
...from this year's That Striped Sunlight Sound: "Spring Rain" (MP3)


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