Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In House #1617: The Black Heart Procession's The Spell

San Diego's Black Heart Procession returned this week with their fifth full-length, The Spell. It's the first we've heard from them, in full LP format at least, since the unexpected Latin flair of 2002's Amore del Tropico. This time around the band continues with their indie rock for the Edgar Allen Poe set, with perhaps a bit of-- is that an Ozzy influence I hear? Indeed, they'll never be mistaken for a good times party band, but few acts go so well with a bottle of absinthe. Given that the funereal compositions of Pall A. Jenkins and Tobias Nathaniel also delve deeper into non-fictional material here than ever before, you might want to order a second (bottle, that is).

Also today, we get to several selections from the new kill rock stars compilation, The Sound the Hare Heard. It's just the latest in a very fine string of similar releases from the Olympia, WA based label. This one features the likes of the familiar: Colin Meloy, Sufjan Stevens, Laura Veirs, and Jeff Hanson; and the not so familiar: Death Vessel, Aliccia BB, and Essie Jain. In short, there are some nice discoveries to be made-- and it was a lucky hare, indeed.

In House #1617.
Airdate: 5/10/06
Focus: New release from the Black Heart Procession, The Spell, plus new music from Midlake, the Long Winters, the Starlight Mints and several cuts from the new kill rock stars compilation The Sound the Hare Heard.

Long Winters, from the upcoming Putting the Days to Bed: "Pushover" (MP3)

Black Heart Procession, from The Spell: "Not Just Words" (MP3)

Thao Nguyen, from The Sound the Hare Heard: "Feet Asleep" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #104


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