Thursday, April 13, 2006

In House #1598: Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs' Under the Covers, Vol. 1; New Josh Rouse, Richard Swift

Chances are good that you've across the previous work of both Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs in one place or another. If you've ever heard the strains of the Bangles' "Manic Monday," or "Walk Like an Egyptian," playing, yet again, over the speakers of the supermarket you happen to be strolling through, then you know Hoffs' velvet coo well. Though a bit less visible within the mainstream, Sweet rose to prominence first as a guitarist for Lloyd Cole, and then behind power-pop gems like "Girlfriend," and "Sick of Myself," cementing his place among guitar-driven, jangle-pop acts like Teenage Fanclub. That fairly interesting premise, then, is behind the collaboration between the two entitled Under the Covers, Vol. 1, due out next week on Shout! Factory. The duo tackles fifteen classic pop gems from the likes of the well-known (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Beach Boys) and the less well-known (Fairport Convention, Stone Poneys), staying more or less true to the original forms. Sweet & Hoffs (or Sid n' Susie, as they call themselves) apparently became acquainted as members of the fictional band Ming Tea, whom you may or may not recall from the Austin Powers movies. The album began as a "for the fun of it" recording of songs by the likes of the Left Banke and Fairport Convention in Sweet's home studio before being expanded into a full-on project.

In House #1598.
Airdate: 4/13/06
Focus: New collaboration from Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs, Under the Covers, Vol. 1, plus new music from Josh Rouse, Ambulance Ltd. and more.

Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs: "Sunday Morning" (MP3) (Velvet Underground cover)


In House PODCAST #90


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