Monday, April 10, 2006

In House #1595: John Vanderslice & the Crystal Skulls in Salt Lake City Tonight

He's the busiest man in indie rock and, by all accounts, an all-around good guy. John Vanderslice hits Salt Lake City's Kilby Court tonight as part of the "Getting It On With the Hangman's Daughter" tour, which sounds like a delicate predicament to be sure. Vanderslice's most recent proper release, 2005's Pixel Revolt, was a slow seeper, one of those subtle albums that creeps into your bones like a rare and welcomed disease behind lines like, "...dressed like that/ you are the flag of a dangerous nation" and, "your dad didn't know the age of the sun/ but now we know the hour it was born/ how does that help us now?" On the current tour, he'll be selling a new live to 2-track version of Pixel Revolt, entitled Suddenly It All Went Dark, apparently recorded in a California chicken coop, presumably sans chickens.

One of many oustanding acts to be playing with Vanderslice on the current tour are Seattle's Crystal Skulls, easily one of the most intriguing bands to pop up over the past year or so. Their sophomore release (and second in about a year's time), Outgoing Behavior, is out tomorrow on Suicide Squeeze.

Crystal Skulls

In House #1595.
Airdate: 4/10/06
Focus: John Vanderslice in Salt Lake City tonight, plus a new release, Outgoing Behavior, from the Crystal Skulls, opening for Vanderslice tonight. Also, new music from Bishop Allen, Elf Power, Destroyer and more.

John Vanderslice, from Pixel Revolt (2005): "Trance Manual" (MP3)
...from Time Travel Is Lonely (2001): "Time Travel Is Lonely" (MP3)

Crystal Skulls, from Outgoing Behavior (2006): "The Cosmic Door" (MP3)
...from Blocked Numbers (2005): "No Room for Change" (MP3)

Plus, get the the version of "Angela" that appears on the new Suddenly It All Went Dark: Pixel Revolt Live to 2-Track at *Sixeyes.


In House PODCAST #87


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Hey! The show is amazing, really nice music.

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