Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In House #1586: Quasi's When the Going Gets Dark; New Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The question that Quasi seems to be posing on their sixth album, entitled When the Going Gets Dark, is, "Just how much ruckus can a guy on a keyboard and a girl on a drumkit make?" The answer, apparently, is quite a lot. Add to the mix production from Dave Fridmann and it becomes an alltogether new kind of ruckus. The effort is another in a string of albums that feature Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss creating their own unique brand of piano-based indie rock. Weiss, you will recall, has a regular gig as 33.3% of Sleater-Kinney, while Coomes is a veteran of the Portland indie scene including stints with Motorgoat, Heatmiser and Elliott Smith's touring band. When the Going Gets Dark dropped last week on Touch & Go.

In House #1586.
Airdate: 3/28/06
Focus: New release from Quasi, When the Going Gets Dark, plus new music from the Yeah Yeahs and Built to Spill, and the Cloud Room in Salt Lake City tonight.

the Yeah Yeah Yeahs: "Turn Into" (MP3)
Quasi: "Peace & Love" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #81


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