Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In House #1582: Mates of State's Bring It Back; Velvet Teen in Salt Lake

San Francisco's Mates of State returned this week with their fourth full-length, Bring It Back. The release marked the first on the Barsuk label for the couple, united in music, love and lately, parenthood.

The duo has built a sizable following over the course of the past few years, and a reputation, in particular, for always "bringing it" live (thus, an apt title for the new album). As in those instances, the new effort seems to spill with soul, with songs like "For the Actor," "Think Long," and "So Many Ways," all reaching an impressive level of grandeur-- indeed this appears to be the closest that the duo has come to capturing their live spectacle in a recording. Take notice, Rosebuds, the Mates of State have laid down the gauntlet in the ever-competitive Married Indie Pop Duos arena.

In House #1582.
Airdate: 3/22/06
Focus: New release from Mates of State, Bring It Back, plus the Velvet Teen in Salt Lake City tonight and new music from the Crystal Skulls, Stereolab and more.

Mates of State: "Think Long" (MP3)
Velvet Teen: "Naked Girl" (MP3) and "Captive Audience" (MP3)
Crystal Skulls: "Baby Boy" (MP3)


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