Thursday, March 16, 2006

In House #1578: Diamonds In the SXSW Rough; The Rubes in Pocatello This Weekend

Unless you have no interest whatsoever in independent music, in which case it's odd that you're reading this, you're likely well aware that the 20th Annual South by Southwest Music Conference is going on this week in Austin, TX. It's truly massive, and seems to grow larger every year, now expanding into areas of film and interactive conferences. I would imagine it's something of an amazing experience just to be in town this week, if also a bit overwhelming. For the rest of us, as in those who don't generally get to go, there are solaces here and there. Take, for example, the festival's showcasing artists pages, which provide (mostly) detailed information on every musician that's playing this week, as well as high-quality mp3 downloads for most of them. It's scouring through these pages, pouring over the names of hundreds of acts, where the real rewards come about. We all know that Neil Young, Morrissey and Ray Davies will be there, but what about the Whigs or the Femurs? Furthermore, who in the hell are they, where do they come from, and, most importantly, what do they sound like? These are the diamond in the rough discoveries. We delivered some of them here and here.

Back in flyover country, Salt Lake City's Rubes return to Pocatello this weekend for a Saturday night show at the First National Bar.

The band is fresh off playing their initial show as rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson's backing band and never fail to bring it. As you may recall, we featured them here and here.

n House #1578.
Airdate: 3/16/06
Focus: We spotlight a handful of bands playing this week's South by Southwest Festival that you've probably never heard. Plus, the Rubes return to Pocatello this weekend and new music from Destroyer, Bishop Allen and more.



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