Friday, December 09, 2005

Show Post: In House #1510

If the Rubes sound familiar to you, it might be because we featured them earlier this week. Then again, maybe it's because they borrow from so many different musical palettes, you're bound to recognize something. Good old fashioned punk rock? Check. Retro R&B grooves? Check. Classic country rockabilly? Mmm-hmm. Combine all of that with the manic unpredictability of the band's stage show and you've got the ingredients that would suggest a fairly enjoyable time. Showcasing their new album, Mutiny to a Revolution, the Rubes visit us live in the studio today ahead of tonight's show at the 1st National Bar in Pocatello.

Photo: Tim Roberts

Also? These guys hit Salt Lake City this weekend.

In House #1510.
Airdate: 12/09/05
Focus: The Rubes live In House, plus the Dandy Warhols in Salt Lake City tomorrow night and more.

BONUS- posted earlier this week, but the Rubes here, from Mutiny to a Revolution- "Pheromones" (MP3).



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