Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In House #1577: Cordero's En Este Momento; New Calexico; Iron & Wine Covers Will Oldham

Originally from Atlanta, it might be said that Cordero creates music within that rarest of genres, indie latin. Led by vocalist Ani Cordero, the band released En este momento this week, their third full-length overall but first for the venerable Bloodshot label. Singing in both English and Spanish, Cordero combines elements of traditional latin and mariachi music with the spontaneity of rock, at times coming across as an Exene Cervenka-fronted Calexico. It's Frida Kahlo at a Mexican disco and dusty border towns run by a man they simply call "Gelb."

In House #1577.
Airdate: 3/15/06
Focus: New release from Cordero, En este momento, plus new music from Calexico, Iron & Wine covers Will Oldham and more.

Cordero: "La Piedra" (MP3) and "Close Your House Down" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #74


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