Monday, February 27, 2006

In House #1565: Low & Damien Jurado in Salt Lake, New Built to Spill

A busy week for live music in the region kicks off tonight with an outstanding bill in Salt lake City as Low and Damien Jurado play In the Venue. The past year has been something of a tumultuous one for Duluth, Minnesota's Low. In a way, this was perhaps predicted by the sonic catharsis of The Great Destroyer, their most recent release out in February of last year. As you may recall, it featured the band kicking out the jams, so to speak, louder, harder and less beautiful than anything they had done before. Later in the year, longtime bassist Zak Sally left the band and Alan Sparhawk called a timeout of sorts to deal with his mental health. Nevertheless, the band is soldiering on, new bassist in tow, already in the middle of an extended tour.


The other part of the bill features Seattle-based singer-songwriter Damien Jurado, who has already reportedly been working on a new album to follow last year's solid On My Way to Absence. Jurado tends to excel at whatever stylistic shift he decides to make and has done so in the rootsy, singer-songwriter vein (Where Shall You Take Me?), as well as having successfully popped out (Waters Ave. S.) and rocked out (I Break Chairs).

Damien Jurado

Elsewhere, the matt pond pa/dios(malos) bill at Club Sound has apparently been cancelled, but is still on for tomorrow night at Boise's Bourbon St. Stage.

In House #1565.
Airdate: 2/27/06
Focus: Low & Damien Jurado in Salt Lake City tonight; matt pond pa and dios(malos) in Boise tomorrow night, plus new music from Built to Spill, Bishop Allen and more.

Low: "California" (MP3)
"Monkey" (MP3)

Damien Jurado: "Paperwings" (MP3)
"Texas to Ohio" (MP3)
"White Center" (MP3)

dios(malos): "Feels Good Being Somebody" (MP3)
"You Make Me Feel" (MP3)

matt pond pa: "Canadian Song" (MP3)
"Fairlee" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #66


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Blogger Jeremy said...

color me jealous....even if In the venue IS the last place one would want to see a show this side of the Delta Center

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