Monday, February 20, 2006

In House #1560: Ray Davies' Other People's Lives, Early Billy Bragg Reissued

Kinks frontman Ray Davies releases what is technically his first studio album in over twenty years tomorrow with the aptly-titled Other People's Lives. Davies has become something of a cult-figure over the past few years, particularly among indie musicians and fans. The fact that he's made his U.S. home in New Orleans and narrowly escaped death when he was shot and mugged there a couple of years ago has only added to his eccentric mystique-- as it has informed his songwriting on the new release. The master chronicler of British middle class life sounds as if he hasn't missed a beat on songs like "Next Door Neighbor," and "Things Are Gonna Change." With so many lackluster and aging musicians refusing to stop releasing tripe, it's refreshing to finally hear Davies return with a batch of songs that's every bit what one might expect.

In House #1560.
Airdate: 2/20/06
Focus: New release from Ray Davies, Other People's Lives, plus new music from Teddy Thompson, Beth Orton and Billy Bragg's early catalog, reissued tomorrow.

BONUS- from today's show and Ray Davies' Other People's Lives:
"Next Door Neighbor" (MP3)

In other news, major labels are trying to remain relevant (and failing). The suits are scrapping at every crumb trying to justify their parasitic occupations and doing so in the name of artists being compensated. Rubbish. Don't believe a word.


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