Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Show Post: In House #1551

The seventh full-length from Belle & Sebastian, entitled The Life Pursuit, finds them back where they began (at least for U.S. listeners) on Matador records. The band, however, couldn't be more different from the heady days of If You're Feeling Sinister. Not necessarily better, certainly not worse, just different. Key components of the band's early days like Stuart David and Isobel Campbell are long gone. Meanwhile, Stuart Murdoch has completely transformed the band's sound to include all sorts of elements: blues, jazz, Motown and 60's pop among them. Indeed, The Life Pursuit takes the fresh new template the band unearthed on 2003's Dear Catastrophe Waitress and expands it even further. Yes, one might even say that the once sullen tweesters have become a.....read this right, party band (though the sulleness is perhaps just more subtle). The album's new out today on Matador.

In House #1551.
Airdate: 2/07/06
Focus: New album from Belle & Sebastian, The Life Pursuit, plus new music from His Name Is Alive, Beth Orton and more.

BONUS- from today's show:
Rose Polenzani: "Soul Meets Body" (MP3) (Death Cab for Cutie cover, via The Patchwork Plagiarist)


In House PODCAST #57


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