Thursday, February 02, 2006

Show Post: In House #1548

Local and regional bands, no matter where you're located, tend to come and go like high school significant others. It's no small feat, then, that Salt Lake City's Tolchock Trio celebrate six years as a band in 2006, and so far in grand style having recently won Salt Lake City Weekly's Showdown to SXSW, thus scoring a spot at the annual Austin, TX music fest. We were first introduced to them back in 2002, when they closed KISU's 3rd Annual Really Big Show. Even then, their energy and off-kilter beats were studied yet spontaneous and, in a word, tight. The last three years have only further solidified the band's music, as the Tolchock Trio has expanded into a quartet (though Tolchock Quartet just wouldn't have the same ring), and released two well-received full-lengths, the most recent being last year's Ghosts Don't Have Bones (2005, Exumbrella). Needless to say, the album has garnered positive reviews near and far, and the Pixies comparisons, among others, have flowed freely. The Tolchock Trio make just their second Pocatello appearance this weekend, as they play the First National Bar on Saturday night.

In House #1548.
Airdate: 2/02/06
Focus: The Tolchock Trio in Pocatello, ID this weekend, plus new music from Bishop Allen, Robert Pollard, Band of Horses and more.

BONUS- Tolchock Trio MP3s:
From Hello Bird (2003):
"Treble 5" (MP3).
From Ghosts Don't Have Bones (2005):
"Wolf Eyes" (MP3), and "Reflux Bollox" (MP3).


In House PODCAST #55
(Please note: the original broadcast featured a phone-in with the Tolchock Trio's Dan Thomas. We regret that that portion of the show could not be included in the podcast due to technical difficulties).


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