Monday, January 23, 2006

Show Post: In House #1540

A busy week kicks off today with the newly-collected and reissued release from the now defunct Missoula, MT band Tarkio. Omnibus collects the band's entire catalog (1998's I Guess I Was Hoping for Something More and 1999's Sea Songs for Landlocked Sailors EP, plus various demos and outtakes) over the course of two discs.

So, aside from the fact that Tarkio was a short-lived but disproportionately good band for a Missoula band, why should you care? The fact is, Tarkio also happened to be the college-era band of the Decemberists' Colin Meloy, which is obviously why kill rock stars is going through all the trouble in the first place. The voice is unmistakeably Meloy's, though the music has a decided alt-country bent-- not exactly what one would expect having read Meloy's Let It Be (highly recommended, by the way).


Speaking of Colin Meloy, he's currently touring solo-style along with Laura Veirs, and, as he did last year around this time, is selling a tour-only covers EP. This go around, Meloy covers British folksinger Shirley Collins, no doubt putting her on the map for most of his fans.

Colin Meloy

In House #1540.
Airdate: 1/23/06
Focus: Music from the reissued Tarkio catalog collection, Omnibus, plus Colin Meloy covers Shirley Collins and new music from the Minus 5, Catfish Haven and more.

BONUS- from today's show:
Tarkio: "Tristan & Iseult" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #49


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