Monday, February 06, 2006

Show Post: In House #1550

Just a bit over two years since the premature death of Elliott Smith comes the appropriately-titled tribute, To: Elliott, From: Portland, out tomorrow.

Elliott Smith

The line-up finds fifteen Portland-based acts, some better known than others, interpreting and reinterpreting Smith's compositions. Some work better than others, and an all-out assault has already been undertaken by Smith devotees against some of the reworkings found here, notably Crosstide's blip and bleep take on "Angeles," though I'm sure Lifesavas' version of "Happiness" won't be spared either. On the positive side are some solid renderings of "Ballad of Big Nothing" (the Thermals), "Between the Bars" (Amelia), and "Division Day" (We Are Telephone). Other Portland notables include the Decemberists, Dolorean, Eric Matthews and Sean Croghan. The album is out on Expunged, more information is available here.

In House #1550.
Airdate: 2/06/06
Focus: New Elliott Smith tribute album, To: Elliott, From: Portland due out tomorrow, plus new music from Voxtrot, Colin Meloy and a look at some of the few worthwhile nominations at this week's Grammys.

BONUS- MP3s from To: Elliott, From: Portland:
Amelia: "Between the Bars" (MP3)
We Are Telephone: "Division Day" (MP3)


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