Monday, February 13, 2006

Show Post: In House #1555

If you've never heard him before, singer-songwriter Jeff Hanson's ethereal vocals can be disarming at first. Indeed, Hanson's voice is such that one might mistake him for a female singer-songwriter if they didn't know any better. After several years fronting the band M.I.J., he took the solo route, releasing two full-lengths on the kill rock stars label, the most recent being last year's Jeff Hanson. Hanson serves it up warm and tender for a Valentine's Day show tomorrow night at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City.

In House #1555.
Airdate: 2/13/06
Focus: Jeff Hanson in Salt Lake City tomorrow night, plus new music from East River Pipe, Cat Power, Crystal Skulls, and more.

from Jeff Hanson's solo debut, Son (2003):
"Hiding Behind the Moon" (MP3) and "Just Like Me" (MP3).

New Crystal Skulls, from their upcoming Outgoing Behavior:
"Cosmic Door" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #60


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