Friday, April 07, 2006

In House #1594: Recent 3-CD Tribute to Peter Case, A Case for Case

Singer-songwriter Peter Case has been creating music, largely and unjustifiably under the radar of most, for nearly thirty years now. Both with the more power-pop oriented Plimsouls and as a solo artist in the twenty years since that band's end, Case has fostered an impressively consistent body of work that has not shied away from innovation while remaining firmly based in past masters like Woody Guthrie and Mississippi John Hurt.

Case has finally gotten some deserved appreciation with a massive new tribute album: A Case for Case: A Tribute to Peter Case collects 47 of his songs as done by the likes of Dave Alvin, Chris Smither, Victoria Williams, Todd Snider and Richard Buckner, to name a few of the more recognizable names included. The less familiar artists included here provide anything but filler, however-- indeed, aside from Case's songwriting one of the most enjoyable things about the collection is the chance to discover artists like Hayes Carll, Gurf Morlix and Ronny Elliott. It all adds up to a top-notch appreciation of a top-notch, but underappreciated, artist.

Peter Case

In House #1594.
Airdate: 4/7/06
Focus: Recent 3-CD tribute to Peter Case, A Case for Case, plus new music from the Songs for Sixty-Five Roses compilation, Josh Ritter and more.



Blogger Satisfied '75 said...

i took guitar/songwriting lessons from him last year. guys a badass.

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