Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In House #1596: Calexico's Garden Ruin; New Howe Gelb, Lambchop

Calexico, the dusty Tex-Mex collective that began as a side collaboration between Giant Sand members Joey Burns and John Convertino, releases their fifth album today, entitled Garden Ruin. Over the course of their run the Tucson-based band has successfully combined disparate musical elements, among them jazz, mariachi, Tex-Mex, and indie rock, to forge a sound that can only be said to be their own. On the new release, they deliver their most focused, cohesive batch of songs to date, resulting in what may be their best entire album to date (if a bit less varied in style).

In House #1596.
Airdate: 4/11/06
Focus: New releases from Calexico, Garden Ruin, and Lambchop, The Decline of Country & Western Civilization- Pt. II: The Woodwind Years. Plus, new music from Howe Gelb, Cordero and more.

BONUS Video:
Calexico's "Cruel" from Garden Ruin:


In House PODCAST #88


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