Friday, September 29, 2006

In House #1715: The Dukes of Ted Live From the Road; New Live Release From My Morning Jacket

Arcata, California's Dukes of Ted are anything but a typical jam band, and even that term is tenuous when it comes to describing them. The quartet combines elements of funk, Memphis stax soul, jazz, rock and latin rhythms to form a sound that is at once complex and danceable. Add to this the fact that they often do it with odd musical combinations-- saxophone and banjo, for example-- and you've got a decidedly unpredictable flair in a muscial space that often lacks such a quality. The band has toured almost constantly since forming a couple of years ago at Humboldt St. University, winning plenty of converts along the way. This weekend they play southeastern Idaho for the first time: tonight at Woody's in Twin Falls and tomorrow night at the First National Bar in Pocatello.

Also today, music from My Morning Jacket's ultimate rock & roll right-of-passage: a new double live album. Okonokos captures the Louisville-based quartet in fine and impressive live form over the course of 21 tracks, many of them sounding as good or better than the original studio versions. The collection is particularly heavy on selections from their most recent couple of efforts: It Still Moves (2003) and Z(2005), but also includes versions of MMJ classics like "Xmas Curtain" and "The Way That He Sings."

In House #1715.
Airdate: 9/29/06
Focus: The Dukes of Ted live from the road and live in Idaho this weekend. Plus a new double live release, Okonokos, from My Morning Jacket, and new music from the Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars, Josh Ritter, Akron/Family, and more.

Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars, from Living Like a Refugee:
"Living Like a Refugee" (MP3)



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