Friday, September 22, 2006

In House Attic #2 (Random Junk)

For those of you wondering, Friday's show was pre-empted by the home station-- for no less than Idaho State Univ. Women's Soccer action. On the radio. In any case, regular shows, podcasts and the like resume next week with shows featuring the likes of Langhorne Slim, Damien Jurado, Band of Horses, Jenny Lewis, Sparklehorse, Los Straitjackets, Bobby Bare Jr., Jerry Lee Lewis, Solomon Burke, and more. In the meantime...

*Fall is here and with it, since we are public radio affiliated, comes the 1st Annual In House Fall Fund Drive. As you regular readers/ listeners likely know, we like to keep it a bit like your extended family's dinner table around here in that we generally resist broaching (at least directly) the subjects of religion, politics, and money. For this occasion, however, forgive us if we break the last of those taboos and ask you for your support. Help us continue to bring you the music and podcasts you enjoy here everyday, as well as the mp3s and exclusive live in studio performances we strive to deliver with our web presence. It's public radio because the majority of its funding comes from you: the public. We're offering three convenient donation options through PayPal: a general one-time donation; or payment options consisting of $5.00 per month for 6 months, and $10.00 per month for six months, respectively. Any amount gives back, and directly helps to offset the production costs of keeping this ship afloat. As an incentive, we'll open the live performance vaults to anyone donating at least $10.00, where you'll have access to exclusive live in-studio mp3s from Damien Jurado, Jill Sobule, Kelly Joe Phelps, Mike Doughty, and more. Thanks in advance for your support, and your continued reading/listening.

One-time general donation, any amount:

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Alternately, you might consider buying an amazingly cool and original t-shirt from Threadless or some new music from Insound. Either way, your purchase through these links also helps support In House!

*Speaking of music, these are busy days at one of our favorite labels: Chicago's Bloodshot Records, where they're following up an excellent summer that saw releases from Paul Burch and Scott H. Biram with upcoming albums from Bobby Bare Jr., Wayne "The Train" Hancock, the Wee Hairy Beasties (Jon Langford, Kelly Hogan, Sally Timms, Devil In the Woodpile), and more. First among these is the third full-length from Bobby Bare Jr., The Longest Meow. Out next week, the album features help from an A-list cast of guests including members of My Morning Jacket, Lambchop, Clem Snide, and others. "The Heart Bionic" (MP3) is included.

Also coming soon (Oct. 10th) is the latest from the always outstanding Wayne "The Train" Hancock, entitled Tulsa. The album is another slice of what we've come to expect from Hancock: a swingin' affair, country style and otherwise, peppered with plenty of pedal steel, tremolo, and his throwback vocal style. "Shootin' Star From Texas" (MP3) is one of many road-themed tunes on the album. Later in October, comes the Wee Hairy Beasties' (see personnel above) Animal Crackers, an album full of tunes about ducks, squirrels, flies, and turtles-- oh, and it's for the kids (although, as Bloodshot puts it, "kids' music NEED! NOT! BE! UNLISTENABLE!"). "Toenail Moon" (MP3) is one of the songs your brood may soon be singing along to. Finally, also for the kids-- though these kids may be more of your aspiring musician types-- comes The Old Town School of Folk Music Songbook, Volume 1. Call it a primer on the history of American folk music with new performances of old tunes by the likes of John Stirrat, Alice Peacock, Danny Barnes, and Robbie Fulks, who contributes this version of "Brown's Ferry Blues" (MP3). Bloodshot shot yet?

*Elsewhere finds new music from Athens, GA trio Summer Hymns, set to release Backwards Masks come November 21st. "Pity & Envy" (MP3) is on it, though no word yet if the album will also contain pity, envy, or, for that matter, sloth.

*Could it be: September 2006 and the first of the 2007s are already beginning to trickle in? The Postmarks' self-titled full-length is scheduled for a January 23rd release on Andy Chase's UnFiltered label. The band creates sonic concoctions made up of Bacharach and French pop, among other things. "Goodbye" (MP3) opens the upcoming release.

*Singer-songwriter Damien Jurado returns to the intermountain west next week with a performance Tuesday at Velour in Provo, UT. Jurado is touring in support of the upcoming full-length And Now That I'm In Your Shadow, out October 10th on Secretly Canadian. "What Were the Chances" (MP3) is one to be found among the stark set, the autumn release of which sounds to be no accident. Also, Jurado recently covered another singer-songwriter known for autumnal sounds: here's his version of Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" (MP3)-- coincidentally, the In House live in-studio archives contain Jurado's version of another Drake tune (hint: see above for details on how you can gain access to the mp3).

*Next week marks the return of the original wild man of rock n' roll, the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis. The aptly titled Last Man Standing is Lewis' first album of new recordings in quite a spell and features him matched up with a host of musicians good (Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson), bad (Toby Keith, Kid Rock), and ugly (Rod Stewart). Lewis steals the show throughout, however. Here he is with another example of the the good on the album, teaming up with Neil Young for a rendition of "You Don't Have to Go" (MP3).

*Finally, speaking of Willie Nelson who himself has a new release due soon, if he's said it once, he's said a thousand times: stop arresting marijuana smokers! Louisiana isn't listening.


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