Thursday, September 21, 2006

In House #1710: Catfish Haven's Tell Me; New Tom Waits, Langhorne Slim

It's been a big year for Chicago's Catfish Haven. The trio named for the Missouri trailer park where frontman George Hunter grew up released the attention-getting Please Come Back EP back in February and have now delivered on the promise it hinted at with the recent full-length Tell Me, their first for Secretly Canadian. While obvious influences like early Springsteen (see "Another Late Night") and CCR are not surprising to hear, what intrigues here most are the soulful strains akin to Otis Redding or The Temptations. Indeed, ballads like "Down By Your Fire" and "This Time" drip with the emotion and impassioned pleas offered up by classic R&B artists of the late 1960's (long before "R&B" became a ridiculous charicature of itself). Elsewhere finds fat bass lines and head bobbing grooves, as on the lead track "Crazy For Leaving," easily one of the most enjoyable singles of the year. Catfish Haven is currently on the road, supporting the new album by touring with labelmates the Magnolia Electric Co.

Catfish Haven

In House #1710.
Airdate: 9/21/06
Focus: Debut release from Catfish Haven, Tell Me, plus new music from Tom Waits, Greg Laswell, Dani Siciliano, and more.

Catfish Haven, from Tell Me: "Crazy For Leaving" (MP3)

Langhorne Slim, from the Engine EP: "Restless" (MP3)

Tom Waits, from Orphans (due 11/21): "Bottom of the World" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #179


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