Friday, September 08, 2006

In House #1701: The Friends of Rock n' Roll in Pocatello This Weekend

It's not that the Friends of Rock n' Roll are looking backward-- it's more of a looking forward through looking backward. The Portland, OR-based trio finds musical inspiration and salvation in the masters of yesteryear, hailing everyone from The Kinks to Fats Waller to the Dead Milkmen as influences. The band's self-described raison d'etre is nothing short of ambitious: to "take music back to a time when people could shake it like they meant it, rather than merely bobbing heads like zombified chickens." Indeed, it might be said that the genre has plenty of enemies around, most of them "rock" bands themselves. With a shiny new recording under their belts (available at shows only until late October), the Friends of Rock n' Roll begin a five week national tour tomorrow night at the First National Bar in Pocatello, ID. Watch for them in your town throughout September and in to October as they hit locales far & wide: Iowa to Brooklyn, Cambridge to Dallas, and much else along the way.

The Friends of Rock n' Roll

In House #1701.
Airdate: 9/7/06
Focus: Portland's Friends of Rock n' Roll in Pocatello this weekend and live from the road, plus new music from Andre Ethier, Herman Dune, The Bees (U.S.), and more.

The Friends of Rock n' Roll, from their demo EP: "Sandra" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #171


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