Thursday, September 28, 2006

In House #1714: Band of Horses in Salt Lake City Tonight

One of the great surprises of the musical year, at least from here, has to be the wild success of Band of Horses' debut Everything All the Time. After the breakup of Seattle's Carissa's Wierd (sic), the last anyone heard of Ben Bridwell and Mat Brooke was that they were riding off into the sunset and San Diego. When they emerged some time later, no doubt after some sort of desert-trudged vision quest, there was Band of Horses, cultivating a sound not fronted by the subdued tones of Carissa's frontman Brooke, but by the surprising sepia-and-reverb drenched wail of the previously quiet Bridwell. Brooke, unfortunately, has since left the band, but Bridwell and his trio of horses soldier on, riding in to Salt Lake City's Club Sound tonight (that's called riding a horse metaphor for all it's worth, or perhaps beating a dead horse metaphor). DIY Canadian and Band of Horses labelmate Chad VanGaalen opens.

Also, the week of busy live action continues tomorrow night as The Strokes make a rare appearance in the area by playing Salt Lake City's In the Venue. The third release from the (for whatever reason) constantly maligned band, entitled First Impressions of Earth, was released back in January.

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In House #1714.
Airdate: 9/28/06
Focus: Band of Horses with Chad VanGaalen in Salt Lake City tonight, plus The Strokes tomorrow night. Also, new music from Robert Pollard, Supersystem, Polyphonic Spree, and more.

Bonus MP3-
Band of Horses, non-album demo: "I Lost My Dingle On the Red Line" (MP3)
...and from Everything All the Time: "The Funeral" (MP3)

Bonus Video-
Band of Horses' "The Great Salt Lake":


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