Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In House Attic #1 (Random Junk)

Introducing our little way of house cleaning, passing along show and website news, tidbits, recommendations, mp3s, and the occasional desperate plea for money. Think of it as a trek up to the attic, arms spilling with odds & ends, bits & pieces, shag & macrame.

-First, recent blog updates have included new additions to both the "in house live archive" and the "live image archive." Check them out for newly available in-studio recordings from Robert Blake and Zach Murphy, as well as photos from recent concert performances featuring Ladyhawk, Magnolia Electric Co. and Frank Black. Also, the "heavy rotation" section now includes a product link under each album cover where one can purchase the music from Insound.com, and support In House at the same time.

-Speaking of product consumption, In House has recently become affiliated with a couple of very cool websites: eMusic and Threadless. In case you don't already know, eMusic is the clear indie mp3 service leader, with rates far below that of iTunes' 99 cents per track. In fact, click any of the eMusic links here and get a free trial run of 25 downloads just to see if it's your bag or not. The site features labels we all know and love, including Bloodshot, Matador, Yep Roc, Secretly Canadian, Merge, and scores more. It also features thousands of obscure jazz, blues, world, and classical recordings. We use it, we love it, and have done so for a number of years now-- eMusic gets a hearty In House recommendation.

Elsewhere, the outstanding Threadless is introducing eighteen new designs this week as part of their $10 t-shirt Back to School sale. Some interesting stuff, to be sure, and who doesn't like t-shirts with monkeys on them?

-Also, as long as we're here, check out Portland OR's Friends of Rock & Roll. No mp3s available at the moment, but pay particular attention to the bluesy vamp of "Sandra" (found at their myspace site). The FoR&R bring to mind classic stuff like The Kinks and Rolling Stones and will be touring and releasing a debut full-length soon. Look out Iowa City, CambridgeMass, New York!

-Another monthly EP installment from Boston's prolific and consistently brilliant Bishop Allen has arrived. You'll find the July EP available for purchase at their website for a measly $5. They've made "Click Click Click Click" (MP3) available as a preview.

-Believe it or not, In House is featured in "Music Makers" in the current issue (August, 2006) of Idaho Magazine. Sorry, there's no on-line content, but you can supposedly find it in any one of these fine Idaho locales.

That's all for now. We'd like to send out a few acknowledgements to those of you who've bothered to pay so much attention in exotic and far-off locales like Burnaby and Vancouver, BC; Melbourne, Austrailia; St. Paul, Minnesota; Tokyo, Japan; and even Novosibirsk, in the Russian Federation. Much thanks to you all for listening. As always, any questions, comments, requests, concerns, or criticisms can be directed to the email: inhouseradio@gmail.com


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