Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In House #1680: Frank Black in Salt Lake City Tonight; New John Doe, Grant-Lee Phillips

None other than Pixies frontman Frank Black makes a rare visit to Salt Lake City tonight, playing the Urban Lounge. On a solo acoustic tour, Black will likely be under the guise of the dusty roots troubador he's been fashioning himself to be over the past eight years or so, with and without his band the Catholics. His most recent effort is last month's Fast Man Raider Man, recorded in Memphis with legendary sessions players and the likes of Buddy Miller, Levon Helm and others. It's a far stylistic cry from "Then God is 7!!! Then God is 7!!! Then God is 7!!!" but Black has stuck by his rootsy direction-- and produced a solid body of work-- since he debuted with the Catholics back in 1998. Check back tomorrow for pics and a rundown from tonight's performance.

Frank Black (Francis)

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In House #1680.
Airdate: 8/9/06
Focus: Frank Black in Salt Lake City tonight, plus new music from John Doe, Grant-Lee Phillips and more.

Frank Black, from Frank Black:
"Los Angeles" (MP3) (courtesy Mars Needs Guitars)

Frank Black, from Fast Man Raider Man:
"Elijah" (MP3) (courtesy Indie for Dummies)


In House PODCAST #153


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