Monday, August 07, 2006

In House #1678: The Hiders' Valentine; New Richard Buckner, The Sadies

The Hiders may sound a bit familiar to you, particularly if you've got a worn copy of Neil Young's Harvest or have followed the branches of the Uncle Tupelo tree for the past fifteen years. This is not to claim that the Cincinnati band is a mere derivative of these acts, but rather to suggest that the comfortable old sweater of sound they weave finds its threads there (and that's some kind of analogy). Led by the plaintive, Young-esque vocals of former Ass Pony Bill Alletzhauser, The Hiders have been garnering deserved attention for their recent debut Valentine, which shares as much in common with The Band as it does Sparklehorse. Flourishes of pedal steel mesh with classic mid-tempo roots rock, resulting in glorious moments like "Everything I Wanted," the single catching the most attention. For now, the band remains unsigned-- though it's hard to imagine that will last long with efforts like this.

the Hiders

In House #1678.
Airdate: 8/7/06
Focus: Debut release from The Hiders, Valentine, plus new music from Richard Buckner, The Sadies, Brothers & Sisters, Paul Burch and more.

The Hiders, from Valentine: "Everything I Wanted" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #152


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