Tuesday, August 01, 2006

In House #1674: Headlights' Kill Them With Kindness; New DeVotchka, Midlake

Occasionally, a band comes along that just sounds right from the get-go. It's generally intangible, tough to put a finger on and all of that, but it's a sense that this band has somehow commenced near the top of their evolution. Not to pour the hype on too heavily, but Headlights seem like they could be one of those bands. The singing and songwriting 1-2 punch of Erin Fein (whose voice occasionally resembles a slightly less manic Bjork) and Tristan Wraight recalls trade-off contemporaries like the Rosebuds and Mates of State, though there are also earlier elements along the lines of Velocity Girl or The Spinanes. Their finished product, the debut full-length Kill Them With Kindness, is a remarkably self-assured collection-- particularly for a first effort. Of course, they're not exactly beginners, the core of the band forming out of the ashes of psych-pop act Absinthe Blind a couple of years back. The self-recorded Enemies EP began appearing last spring, largely on the strength of the shimmering "Tokyo," before being re-released in November by Polyvinyl. The debut drops August 22nd, with Headlights embarking on an extensive tour in its support, including September 18th at Salt Lake City's Kilby Court.


In House #1674.
Airdate: 8/1/06
Focus: Upcoming debut release from Headlights, Kill Them With Kindness, plus new music from DeVotchka, Midlake, the Long Winters and more.

Headlights, from the Enemies EP: "Tokyo" (MP3)
...and from Kill Them With Kindness: "TV" (MP3)


In House PODCAST #149


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