Friday, August 04, 2006

In House #1677: X in Salt Lake City Tonight; Zach Murphy Live

Call today's show a study in contrasts as reunited Los Angeles punk legends X play The Depot in Salt Lake City as part of a bill that also includes the Rollins Band and the River Boat Gamblers. Perhaps the reunion was a given after last year's regrouping of X side act the Knitters, although X's first comeback after their break-up occurred in 1998. No word yet on whether or not any new recordings might be on the way, ala last year's The Modern Sounds of the Knitters.

vintage X

Meanwhile, a bit closer to home finds banjoist extraordinaire and former southeast Idahoan Zach Murphy live in the studio today in front of a performance tomorrow night at Portneuf Valley Brewing in Pocatello. Murphy's in town for an annual summer visit, but these days plies his trade in Seattle.

Zach Murphy

In House #1677.
Airdate: 8/4/06
Focus: X in Salt Lake City tonight, plus Zach Murphy joins us live in the studio in front of tomorrow night's performance at Portneuf Valley Brewing in Pocatello. Also, new music from Greg Graffin, Johnny Cash and more.

X, from See How We Are: "4th of July" (MP3)

Zach Murphy Live In House, 7/24/03
"Sugar Babe (LIVE)"(MP3)
"Pretty Little Chicken (LIVE)" (MP3)



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I am proud to say Zach is my cousin and quite a historian too!

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