Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In House #1807: Valentine's Day Special: The Good, The Bad, The Indifferent

For better or worse, it's the Valentines' Special today, with a collection of tunes in one way or another leaning in the direction of "love, etc." Pop music was invented for this stuff, and one need look no further than the fact that fully 90% of the pop songs that have ever been written surround the topics "Baby, I Love You," "Baby, Won't You Be Mine?" and "Baby, Where and Why Did You Go and When Are You Coming Back?" to prove it. A salute to that tradition, then, as we attempt to be the equal opportunity Valentines' musical suppliers by giving more than just the first of those perspectives with music by everyone from Bryan Ferry to Johnny Cash to the Magnetic Fields, whose 69 Love Songs release back in 1999 stands as perhaps the crowning achievement of equal opportunity perspectives on the subject of love and romance.

In House #1807.
Airdate: 2/14/07
Focus: Valentine's Day Special 2007: The Good, The Bad, The Indifferent featuring music from Tom Waits, Magnetic Fields, Johnny Cash, DeVotchka, The Postmarks, Smoking Popes, and more.

(A random smattering of V-Day-related tunes)

Jarvis Cocker, from Jarvis (U.S. release due in April):
  • "Baby's Coming Back to Me" (MP3)

  • "Somethin' Stupid" (MP3)

    The Cure:
  • "Halo" (MP3) ("Friday I'm In Love" B-Side)
  • "2 Late" (MP3) ("Lovesong" B-Side)

    The Postmarks:
  • "My Little Heart" (MP3)

    Wanda Jackson:
  • "Funnel of Love" (MP3)

    Johnny Cash:
  • "Heart of Gold" (MP3) (Neil Young cover)


    In House PODCAST #257

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