Friday, February 09, 2007

Tech Issues & Other Excitements

As those of you browsing with Explorer may have noticed (or will notice), the content here looks a bit out of whack-- everything's centered, font sizes are occassionally random, etc. Honestly, it's really not supposed to look that way. Amazingly though, over half of the visits to this site still insist on using Explorer for their browsing purposes, to which we can only say: get with it. To be serious, things here really do look as intended when using Firefox 1.5 or higher. In the meantime, we're seeking out the experts to see if we can't get the Explorer issue solved (and if any of you have any ideas as to how it might be fixed, do tell).

Also, we've just made the switch to the new version of Blogger, which may or may not cause strange behaviors as far as appearances and syndication of podcasts and other content. For example, if you're currently subscribed you may notice that content at the moment is being delivered a bit out of order. We're working on this one, too, and it will hopefully be fixed shortly. As long as you're here and still reading, why not take a moment and let us know how the In House blog could be improved. Any changes or additions that you'd like to see? Anything that could be improved upon (of course there is, but anything specific from where you sit)? Anything you absolutely can't stand? We're all ears.

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