Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In House #1796: Heartless Bastards in Salt Lake City, Boise; New Tribute to The Band

Cincinnati's Heartless Bastards are a rare musical creature. It's not a lot of bands, after all, that manage to toe the line between indie, rock, and blues, and please fans of all of those styles when all is said and done. Then again, it's not a lot of bands that are fronted with a vocal powerhouse like Erika Wennerstrom, who garners comparisons to the likes of Janis Joplin and PJ Harvey for her emotionally-driven delivery. Last year's All This Time, the band's second album on the Fat Possum label, has caught the attention of a growing number of listeners thanks to steady touring and more than a few appearances amongst "Best Overlooked" types of year end lists. Much like fellow Buckeye staters The Black Keys (who also brought the band to the attention of Fat Possum), The Heartless Bastards do a lot with a little, and the trio has no problem raising a respectable ruckus. The band brings its loud and blue hues to the indie venue in Salt Lake City, Kilby Court, tonight before playing Boise's Neurolux tomorrow night.

The Heartless Bastards

In House #1796.
Airdate: 1/30/07
Focus: The Heartless Bastards in Salt Lake City tonight and Boise tomorrow night, plus new music from Xavier Rudd, John Hammond, and selections from the new tribute album Endless Highway: The Music of The Band.

Heartless Bastards, from All This Time:
  • "All This Time" (MP3)
  • "Into the Open" (MP3)

    John Hammond, from Push Comes to Shove (out today):
  • "Push Comes to Shove" (MP3)


    In House PODCAST #248

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