Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In House #1791: Field Music's Tones of Town; New Dean & Britta

Among the myriad of new releases out today is Field Music's Tones of Town, available on Memphis Industries. The Sunderland, UK trio, made up of Andrew Moore and the brothers Brewis, Peter & David, revel in schizophrenic tempos and retro textures, evoking thirty-five years of British pop, McCartney's Wings to XTC to contemporaries like The Futureheads (who hail from the same hometown and once called Peter Brewis their drummer). Already lauded by critics as a cosmic jump forward over Field Music's 2005 debut, Tones of Town represents the pop end of the spectrum opposite peers like Bloc Party on the post-punk end with layers of piano, strings, and guitar swirling in and out of occasionally unpredictable changes in time signature. Opener "Give It Lose It Take It," sounds downright prog-like, while "Working to Work," apes some of the better instances of McCartney's mid-70's output and also gives a slight nod to... is that Hall & Oates? Cookie-cutter Brit-pop this isn't, and while 2007 may have begun with Field Music taking a backseat to more well-known acts like the Kaiser Chiefs or the aforementioned Bloc Party (each of whom has new albums on the way), if enough people hear Tones of Town it won't end that way. (Edit: In this time of digital downloads, not to mention domestic vs. international release dates, there appears to be some confusion about when it is exactly that Tones of Town will be receiving a U.S. release. Some sources have pinned it as late as March 20th, while Amazon claims it's the 13th of February. Memphis Industries, meanwhile, has it as February 20th. Draw your own conclusions, in any case, it's not today. Sorry for the mislead.)

Field Music

In House #1791.
Airdate: 1/23/07
Focus: New release out today from Field Music, Tones of Town, plus new music from Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips, Loney Dear, David Kilgour, The Postmarks, and more.

Field Music, from Tones of Town:
"Give It Lose It Take It" (MP3)
"Sit Tight" (MP3)

The Postmarks, from The Postmarks (due 2/6): "Goodbye" (MP3)

The High Llamas, from Can Cladders (due 2/20): "Winter's Day" (MP3)

Memphis, from a little place in the wilderness:
"Incredibly Drunk On Whiskey" (MP3)

BONUS Vid- Field Music: "A House Is Not a Home"


In House PODCAST #243

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