Thursday, February 01, 2007

In House #1798: Julie Doiron's Woke Myself Up; New Alasdair Roberts

Canadian singer-songwriter Julie Doiron returned recently with her first new effort in over two years with the excellent Woke Myself Up. Doiron's seventh solo album finds a reunion of sorts as she's joined by her former partners in the band Eric's Trip, something that hadn't happened since that band's 1996 swan song. The result is a fuller, more rock-oriented sound in places, particularly on standout cuts like the opening title-track, "No More," and "Don't Wanna Be/ Liked By You," all of which contrast nicely with the more hushed, post-folk tones Doiron has established in the past. Songs like "Dark Horse," and "Yer Kids," show Doiron in stunning form, despite their disparate subjects, out of time folk songs as at home in the past as the present. Woke Myself Up is out recently on Jagjaguwar.

Julie Doiron

In House #1798.
Airdate: 2/01/07
Focus: New releases from Julie Doiron, Woke Myself Up, and Alasdair Roberts, The Amber Gatherers, plus new music from Marissa Nadler, Bill Callahan, Rosie Thomas, and more.

Julie Doiron, from Woke Myself Up:
  • "No More" (MP3)


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