Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In House #1801: New Releases From Sondre Lerche, Loney Dear

Call it the day the northern Europeans took over, as no fewer than three promising releases out today hail from the region also responsible for the greatest socio-political structures human society currently has to offer. Coincidence? Anyway, the strong output over the past few years from places like Oslo and Stockholm is hardly a secret at this point. Artists as diverse as The Cardigans, The Hives, Kings of Convenience, Nicolai Dunger, and St. Thomas have helped to put the region on the musical map in the early part of this century, and an inordinate amount of fine work continues to come forth. Today's releases include the fourth full-length from Norwegian and former wunderkind Sondre Lerche, who releases Phantom Punch as a seasoned 26 year-old. Lerche and his band, The Faces Down, return to the crisply-produced pop-rock stylings of his first couple of releases (albeit with unprecedented blasts of guitar) after issuing the classic jazz-pop album The Duper Sessions last February. Lerche's ability to move between genres continues to impress, and like the vast differences between last year's effort and Phantom Punch, songs like "The Tape," and "Tragic Mirror," strike a huge contrast. Lerche will be touring the U.S. beginning in mid-March, playing several dates including this year's SXSW Festival in Austin, TX.

Also today comes the U.S. and Sub Pop debut of one-man-band Loney, Dear. Swedish multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanängen is the bedroom pop mastermind behind Loney, Dear, having recorded four previous albums full of songs built with the sonic layers he stacks using a "modest home studio set-up." Loney, Noir is the latest in this string, out today before U.S appearances beginning on March 10th in New York City.

Finally, the third album from Swedish trio Peter Bjorn & John gets a domestic release on Almost Gold after being out in most of the rest of the world since June. Writer's Block is a '60's-inspired batch of indie pop tunes that has been drawing raves from all over. The generally simple song structures are augmented nicely by small, unorthodox touches like a whistled melody or a bongo solo. The gem here is undoubtedly "Young Folks," which finds the band joined by ex-Concretes frontwoman Victoria Bergsman.

In House #1801.
Airdate: 2/6/07
Focus: New releases from Sondre Lerche, Phantom Punch, Loney Dear, Loney, Noir, and Peter, Bjorn & John, Writers' Block. Plus, new music from Field Music, The Church, and more.

Sondre Lerche, from Phantom Punch:
  • "Say It All" (MP3)

  • Loney, Dear, from Loney, Noir:
  • "Saturday Waits" (MP3)
  • "I Am John" (MP3)

  • BONUS Vid-
    Peter Bjorn & John with Victoria Bergsman performing "Young Folks," recently on Late Night with Conan O'Brien:


    In House PODCAST #252

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