Tuesday, February 13, 2007

In House #1806: Lucinda Williams' West; New David Bromberg

The cover photograph from Lucinda Williams' new West release fittingly captures the singer-songwriter in shades of blue, and while there is no real "Blues" tune on the album it's certainly the prevailing color of the songs. Williams' eighth studio release, out today on Lost Highway, comes five years and an emotional eternity since her previous effort, as she's come through both the dissolution of a long relationship and the death of her mother. The personal tone of the songs, then, is not necessarily surprising, and the writing stands in stark contrast in tone and substance to her 1998 opus Car Wheels On a Gravel Road. At times the songs are less that than they are extended meditations on love and loss and the process of moving on. Songs like "Are You Alright?," "Learning How to Live," "Everything Has Changed," and "Where Is My Love?" all deal, in one way or another, with those subjects. This is Williams at her most introspective, re-evaluating her place and showing herself every bit the poet's daughter along the way.

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In House #1806.
Airdate: 2/13/07
Focus: New release from Lucinda Williams, West, plus new music from David Bromberg, Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter, John Hammond, and more.

Lucinda Williams, from West:
  • "Where Is My Love?" (MP3)

    Josh Ritter, from the Live at the Record Exchange EP:
  • "Daddy's Little Pumpkin" (MP3) (John Prine cover)


    In House PODCAST #256

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