Thursday, October 06, 2005

Show Post: In House #1466

It's been a while since anyone's heard anything out of Seattle quartet Harvey Danger. You could say five years, but not many people actually heard 2000's King James Version. Most people haven't actually heard them since their 1997 debut, Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone?, which, of course, featured the surprise hit, "Flagpole Sitta." In the meantime, the band's sort of been doing other things-- most notably Sean Nelson, who not only helped the Long Winters' melodies soar with keyboards and background harmonies on their last full length, when i pretend to fall, but also spends time as a DJ at Seattle's KEXP. While it's regrettable that Nelson left the Long Winters, it's nice to have Harvey Danger back-- particularly sounding this good. Besides, they're easy to root for because they're so nice-- look, they're giving away the new album.

In House #1466.
Airdate: 10/6/05
Focus: New release from Harvey Danger, Little By Little, plus Death Cab for Cutie and Youth Group in Salt Lake City tomorrow night and new music from the Long Winters, matt pond pa and more.



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