Sunday, October 02, 2005

Show Post: In House #1463

Songwriter, musician, producer, cinephile and all-around nice guy John Vanderslice returns to Salt Lake City's Kilby Court tonight as part of the "I've Been Living In a K-Hole" tour. Never one to rest on his laurels, Vanderslice recently released his fifth album since 2000, the understated Pixel Revolt. For this tour at least, his backing band has been dubbed the Photographs and consists of Ian Bjornstad, Dave Douglas, Dan Brennan, and none other than David Broecker, late of defunct band the Prom. As always with a Vanderslice show, there's a possibility of more than just music-- he might invite everyone to go bowling afterwards, or back to his hotel for a dip in the pool, or maybe down the street for some Mexican fast food. Come November, he'll be touring Europe with labelmates Nada Surf.

In House #1463.
Airdate: 10/3/05
Focus: John Vanderslice in Salt Lake City tonight, plus new music from the Rosebuds, Nada Surf, Silver Jews and more.

Selected JV MP3s, courtesy of the man himself:

From mass suicide occult figurines (2000, Barsuk)- "Big Band Stars" (MP3).

From Insound Tour Support #18 (2001, Barsuk)- "You Were My Fiji (LIVE)" (MP3).

From life and death of an american fourtracker (2002, Barsuk)- "Amitriptyline" (MP3).

From Cellar Door (2004, Barsuk)- "They Won't Let Me Run" (MP3).



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