Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Show Post: In House #1459

Fresh off being the whipping boy for critics (fed up with inconsistent efforts and his willfully difficult and childish behavior), fans (soured on notoriously bad live performances, as well as the previously mentioned inconsistent releases), and foes (mostly envious, it seems, over the fact that Parker Posey is his girlfriend) alike, Ryan Adams emerged earlier this year with the double-album Cold Roses. That effort was a return of sorts to the sound of Adams' Whiskeytown days, and was welcomed by all of the previously mentioned groups except the foes, who continued to find enough ammunition with Ms. Posey.

Jacksonville City Nights, the latest release from the ever-prolific Adams and his newly-formed band, the Cardinals, finds the Cold Roses sound expanded even further into Americana and honky-tonk, no doubt welcome news to many who have followed Adams' career since Whiskeytown. The album is out today on Lost Highway.

In House #1459.
Airdate: 9/27/05
Focus: New releases from Ryan Adams, Jacksonville City Nights, and Neil Young, Prairie Wind. Plus, new music from James McMurtry, Iron & Wine and Calexico, Josh Lederman y Los Diablos and more.



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