Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Random Five (#4)

It's a fairly subdued five-pack this week, due perhaps or not to the overcastness of the day. In any case, we'll call the loose theme this week Indie Rock That Doesn't Exactly Rock-- with the exception of the first selection, after which it's kind of a cool-down.

1- New York City's Group Sounds from their self-titled debut EP, out this year: Things Fall Apart (MP3), because, it would appear, they do.

2- Yes, Virginia, there are bands on Saddle Creek besides Bright Eyes. Like Oberst's band, Cursive also hails from Omaha, Nebraska. The Recluse (MP3) comes from the vastly underrated The Ugly Organ, released in 2003.

3- Speaking of vastly underrated, the Long Winters have a new EP due out on Barsuk come October 11th. If you'll recall, the band's last full length, when i pretend to fall, was named one of In House's Top 5 Albums of 2003. Anyway, Ultimatum (MP3) is the new EP's title track.

4- Also out out in October (the 18th) is the new full-length from Philadelphia's Marah, entitled If You Didn't Laugh, You'd Cry. This is not to be confused with their new Christmas release, apparently out the same day. City of Dreams (MP3)

5- You want more new stuff? Immaculate Heart (MP3) comes from the American Analog Set's forthcoming Set Free, out September 20th.

Enjoy. Rinse. Repeat.


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