Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Show Post: In House #1450

The question one regularly comes up with when it comes to Lucinda Williams is how it is that she can be so rock & roll while specializing in country & blues inflected Americana. Maybe it's the drunken 3am vocals. Or the punk cowgirl appearance despite being in her early fifties. Then again, maybe there's just something about a girl with an electric guitar. In any case, Williams has been honing her craft for over 25 years now-- initially gaining her a cult following before the more mainstream acceptance she's found as of late. She plays Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City tonight.

In House #1450.
Airdate: 9/14/05
Focus: Lucinda Williams in Salt Lake City tonight, plus new music from Ryan Adams, James McMurtry, Danny Barnes and more.

BONUS- from Danny Barnes' latest, Get Myself Together-
Big Girl Blues (MP3)



Blogger DMo said...

Digging "The Hardest Part" since I downloaded it from iTunes a couple weeks back. Sounds pretty consistent with Cold Roses.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

It is fairly consistent-- the other track I've heard actually have more of an old-style honky-tonk sound about them than was the case for most of Cold Roses. I think that most of his fans agree that this kind of stuff is his forte-- and they've been waiting for these kinds of albums for a while now....

8:11 PM  

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