Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Show Post: In House #1460

Already regarded as the best dressed band east of Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, likely the only rock & roll band ever named after an Austro-Hungarian archduke, are set to prove their self-titled debut was no fluke with You Could Have It So Much Better, out October 4th. Having already inspired the usual adjectives like "art-damaged" and "angular", the band has added an element of depth that helps them grow past the "one dimensional" labels. Franz Ferdinand plays The Great Salt Air tonight on the banks of the slightly less great Salt Lake.

In House #1460.
Airdate: 9/28/05
Focus: Franz Ferdinand in Salt Lake City tonight, plus new music from the latest Warchild compilation, "Help: A Day In the Life," featuring selections from Radiohead, Belle & Sebastian, Kaiser Chiefs and more.

BONUS from today's show:
Franz Ferdinand from You Could Have It So Much Better-
"Eleanor Put Your Boots On" (MP3)



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