Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday Random Five* (#6)
*plus one

This week's random five selections share a connection with falling leaves and full and/or busted hearts (and not even a Death Cab for Cutie song included!). Yes, the order of the weekend appears to be autumn sweaters and crisp nights-- oh, and, of course, fall baseball-- the latter of which gets a nod with a random five bonus sixth selection in the form of a short movie from Joe Pernice, shamefully unabashed Red Sox fan that he is. On with it, then!

1- We begin with a cut from the new release from the egregiously underrated and overlooked Richard Hawley. His Coles Corner was released earlier this month and is another collection of classy, brooding tunes, bringing to mind the likes of Lee Hazlewood and Scott Walker. "Hotel Room" (MP3) is a happy-sad number far darker than its 1950's bubblegum backdrop would suggest.

2- The mood changes up a bit with Boston's Bishop Allen. They burst onto the scene a couple of years ago with their self-released debut Charm School, which is where you'll find the deceptively peppy "Busted Heart" (MP3).

3- Speaking of charm, not even a cynic can resist the drums and keyboard melodies of Mates of State, a duo united in love and music. They also put on an astounding live show. "Hoarding It for Home" (MP3) comes from their 2002 release, Our Constant Concern.

4- So what's the deal with the married musical couples? Like the Mates of State, the Rosebuds also fit that particularly rare description. From North Carolina, Mr. & Mrs. Rosebud recently released their second full-length, Birds Make Good Neighbors, which everyone seems to more or less agree has more substance and quality than their debut. "Leaves Do Fall" (MP3) covers the "falling leaves" portion of this week's theme.

5- This week's random five closes out with a different type of love: the frightened kind. "Love In Fear" (MP3) is just one example of the brilliance that awaits us all with the upcoming release from the Constantines out of Toronto. Tournament of Hearts is due out in the U.S. on Sub Pop records on October 11th, and was released this week in Canada on the soon to be dearly departed Three Gut records.

BONUS #6!- As promised here's a short film of the Pernice Brothers' Joe Pernice giving a brief tour of his Boston area digs. Turns out that Mr. Pernice, despite being a musical genius, is a regular Joe with an apartment and a wife. He's also in regular contact with people who have no idea who he is and have not heard his music. Where's the justice? It's a .MOV file, just wait for it.

As usual- enjoy. rinse. repeat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This random sample is great. I appreciate the attention to detail. Thanks for the free mp3s.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

i love you.

11:43 AM  

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