Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In House #1811: Dolorean's You Can't Win; New Bright Eyes

Portland, Oregon's Dolorean makes the kind of music that seems to suit their surroundings. Their latest effort, You Can't Win, is full of the kind of moss-covered laments one might expect from a band living through eight months of rainfall every year. Once a man vehicle for the songs of Alex James, Dolorean these days is a full-on quintet and that seems to come through in the new songs. The band employed a Neil Young & Crazy Horse-inspired philosophy for the recording sessions, with James introducing songs to the band for the very first time and allowing everyone to hash them out on the spot. The result is a meditative and hazy collection, that nonetheless sounds spontaneous. "Beachcomber Blues," all sea-spray gray and aimless, is also a gorgeous, somehow comforting wallower, for example. By no means the feel-good album of the year, You Can't Win still manages to console in its own way-- as James tells it, "giving up on the idea of winning." Dolorean's fourth album is out today on yep roc.


In House #1811.
Airdate: 2/20/07
Focus: New release from Dolorean, You Can't Win, plus new music from Bright Eyes, Western States Motel, Willy Mason, and more.

Dolorean, from You Can't Win:
  • "Heather Remind Me How This Ends" (MP3)
  • "Beachcomber Blues" (MP3)


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