Thursday, October 26, 2006

In House #1733: Viva Voce & The Silversun Pickups in Boise

The Robinsons, Kevin & Anita, make up the Portland, OR-based Viva Voce, joining Mates of State and The Rosebuds as indie couples united in love and music. The band's fourth album, Get Yr Blood Sucked Out, was released earlier this year on Barsuk, and introduced some interesting new elements to the duo's occasionally jangly, occasionally shoe-gazing neo-psychedelia. One need look no further than the fuzzed out onslaught of sound "We Do Not Fuck Around," or the 70's blues rock leanings of "So Many Miles," to know that there's something else entirely going on here. It's layers upon layers, including handclaps and harmonies, and it's easily their best and most complex work thus far. Viva Voce play with The Silversun Pickups tonight at The Neurolux in Boise. For a complete rundown of all the tour shenanigans, visit the tour-blog here.

Viva Voce

In House #1733.
Airdate: 10/26/06
Focus: Viva Voce and The Silversun Pickups in Boise tonight, plus new music from Harvey Danger, Johnny & the Moon, +/- and more.

Viva Voce's "From the Devil Himself":


In House PODCAST #196


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