Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Random Five (#20)

1- Jill Sobule has unearthed another lost gem: this version of "Texas" (MP3) also features Steve Earle on vocals and guitar and dates back to the reign (rain?) of a certain Texas governor (not Ann Richards, rest her soul).

2- Now three-quarters of the way to their year of monthly EPs, Bishop Allen returns with the September EP, which, as always, is available at their website for a mere five bucks. "Like Castanets" (MP3) is included.

3- The end of the saga surrounding Nellie McKay's latest release appears to be near an end. As you may recall, her Pretty Little Head (that's the album) was originally scheduled to be released on Sony early this year. However, upon hearing the recording, the label balked, as labels of such behemothic size tend to do when they are approached with something that is different, challenging, and/or interesting. A stand-off of sorts ensued, the end of which was McKay buying back her album and walking. Now comes word that Halloween will finally see the double album be released on her own Hungry Mouse label, with some distribution help from spinART. Included are duets with k.d. lang and Cyndi Lauper, as well as "There You Are" (MP3).

4- Brooklyn's Oxford Collpase made their Sub Pop debut this week with Remember the Night Parties, the third overall release from the band. The band takes a slightly poppier route for the most part this go around, making for a varied and enjoyable listen. "Please Visit Our National Parks" (MP3) is included.

5- Last but not least, another new Tom Waits song! "Road to Peace" (MP3) is another selection from Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, & Bastards, due out November 21st on Anti.



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